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1. Drilling of Borehole from Start to Finish.

2. Preparation of Drilling Technical Specifications, borehole drilling Bill of Quantities (BOQs), conditions of borehole drilling contract, drilling tendering and tender evaluation (to select suitable drilling contractors)

3. Supervision of Borehole Drilling and construction/installation works, Development, Test Pumping and installation of permanent pumping plants.

4. Analysis of test Pumping data and selection of suitable borehole pumps for installation,

5. Inspection of contractor’s work and Certification of contactor’s Bill of Quantities (BOQs)

6. Geological logging

7. Geophysical logging (where required)

8. Water quality assessment and monitoring.

9. Supervision of installation works for permanent pumping plants, testing and commissioning of projects to clients.

10. Preparation of borehole drilling and completion reports, etc


IROCK GEO-WATER SERVICES carries out all small to large commercial and private water well drilling operations. We also construct deep boreholes for mineral exploration and shallow oil exploration.

We offer a full service to our clients ranging from geo physical survey, design, construction, installation, development, test pumping, commissioning and licensing and our team of expert engineers and geo scientists are dedicated to providing an unrivalled level of service to our clients in a timely, professional and cost effective manner.


The escalating cost of mains water is having an increasing impact on many companies that have a high water usage.

Mains water costs alone can account for annual water bills in excess of tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In many areas of the Nigeria there are huge reservoirs of groundwater (or aquifers) that could easily be tapped into producing significant operational savings. By drilling into these aquifers Irock has provided our clients with an independent supply of abundant good quality water automatically controlled to be delivered at the pressure required.

This has saved our clients hundreds of thousands of naira. Our client sectors are wide ranging and include;

Private homes/Hotels/Pharmaceutical Firms/ Farms/Hospitals/Food and Drink Processing Plants/ Factories/Abattoirs/Mining Sites and even churches to name but a few.

Whatever your business, if you use water, we can probably save you money.

Troubleshooting & Consulting

During the construction of a borehole, drilling engineers may experience problems with difficult strata, broken or dropped drilling equipment or a myriad of other unforeseen complications in the process.

Irock management team have many years’ experience in solving drilling problems across Nigeria. Our engineers are fully trained in all types of drilling techniques, bits and flushes to suit all stratas. We have many recovery tools and if we do not have one for your particular problem, we will make one. Give us a call and explain your problem and will be only too happy to assist.

Water supply boreholes occasionally run into difficulties. Like any other construction, they occasionally need maintenance. Our Borehole Engineering Services division specializes in troubleshooting just about any borehole related issue and will even offer a ‘Business

Continuity Plan, or ‘Routine Maintenance Plan’ to avoid problems occurring in the first instance. If you are a borehole owner and would like more information on what we can offer, please call and we will arrange a visit to discuss our services at no cost to you.

Irock is dedicated to servicing clients and providing the best advice and guidance drawn from our unparalleled experience working on high profile projects across the Nigeria.

We will provide best value for money in the industry.

We will quote accurate and realistic delivery times and endeavour to complete agreed services on schedule.

We will keep our clients fully informed throughout the works process on works activities.

We will do in every respect what we say we will do.

We will provide a fast and efficient backup service when required.

We will promptly inform and consult our clients in the event of any changes in specification deemed necessary at any stage during the works process.